My Personal Path

My psychic abilities were first recognized when I was about five years old. I was fortunate that my family was fairly open-minded, and actually curious about what was then still commonly called 'the occult'. This curiosity led to visits to and by psychic practitioners and other seekers of many different areas of study. This laid an early groundwork for my path of learning.

When I was eighteen years old, during the first day of a meditation class he was teaching, an old psychic and medium became aware of my sensitivities, and the next night asked me to join him on stage to read for audience members. The events and situations I saw in peoples' Readings were overwhelming for a young man with little life experience. I shied away from Reading for several years after that. (That experience has led me to counsel people to be wary of young psychics. They often are prone to interpret what they see through a limited set of life experiences, and can easily be overwhelmed by the emotions of what they witness and feel.)

Forays into business ranging from travel to technology filled most of my time over the next two decades. When I did Read psychically it was on a very limited basis. During my younger years, Psychic functioning was still considered an anomaly, an oddity, or worse. To save myself ridicule and embarrassment I only read for strangers who sought me out, never mentioning my studies and skills to friends.

A turning point came after a dear friend who had died from cancer and who had known nothing of my psychic life appeared to me after her death, asking me to deliver specific messages to her family. It was made clear to me through their words and reactions that I should no longer ignore or repress the psychic information that was coming to me. I began my practice of psychic Reading as a full time occupation in January 2000. In addition to doing Readings, I have committed myself to helping others develop their psychic and intuitive skills by offering classes and workshops on a variety of related subjects.