My View of Life

My personal life philosophy informs and supports my psychic skills and my ability to assist others in their search for personal understanding and growth. I believe our purpose in living is to improve. We improve by living through and learning from our experiences. All of the situations, relationships and environments we find ourselves in direct us toward that higher purpose.

My work is based on an ability to see these purposes objectively for others and to help them connect the dots between events and relationships in their lives. Such clarity allows us to move forward spiritually, releasing misunderstood feelings of guilt and obligation and freeing us to pursue new goals, new ideas, new directions in life.

Reincarnation, or the basic concept of multiple lives has always been an unquestionable belief for me. We keep coming back. Or, more specifically, our souls spin off new incarnations and personalities for the benefit of having new and different experiences to ponder and so, from which to learn.

During readings, people are sometimes embarrassed or humiliated by the lessons they have to learn. Why? Because we have been trained to judge our accomplishments by comparing ourselves to others. Do not judge your progress in life based on the abilities or progress of the people around you. Likewise judging other people negatively against your positive progress is a trap. This is your life journey. Your virtues and shortcomings are your tools to use to learn from in this lifetime.
While these statements reflect my personal beliefs, they are not intended to in any way diminish any other persons' beliefs or spiritual understanding. To the contrary, the more I learn, the more I realize how similar many faith traditions are in their teaching and purpose. Like everyone, I am learning everyday of my life.