My Approach to Psychic Work

I believe the best use of psychic skills is in helping people understand the process of their lives: recognizing why certain events and experiences happen, and helping to interpret the meaning of those events in the context of their lives.

I call myself the Pragmatic Psychic because I believe the information revealed in a Reading should be useful, practical, applicable. Anything less is novelty.

People often describe their Reading as enlightening and a great source of relief. Afterward they have a new outlook on their lives and relationships. These positive reactions bring me great satisfaction knowing my skills are benefiting people.

I invite you to learn more about my practice by exploring this site. If you have further questions feel free to contact me. I am always happy to answer questions about the way I work, with no obligation to you.

Thank you for your interest!
Robert Hayes

My Approach and Personal Path

My psychic abilities were first recognized when I was about five years old. I was fortunate that my family was fairly open-minded, and actually curious about what was then still commonly called ‘the occult’. This curiosity led to visits to and by psychic practitioners and other seekers of many different areas of study. This laid an early groundwork for my path of learning.

When I was eighteen years old, during the first day of a meditation class he was teaching, an old psychic and medium became aware of my sensitivities, and the next night asked me to join him on stage to read for audience members. The events and situations I saw in peoples’ Readings were overwhelming for a young man with little life experience. I shied away from Reading for several years after that. I caution people to be careful of acting on the advice of young psychics. We are all prone to interpret what we see through our own experiences. Younger people have a limited set of life experiences, and can easily be overwhelmed by the emotions of what they witness and feel.

Forays into business ranging from travel to technology filled most of my time over the next two decades. When I did Read psychically it was on a very limited basis. Psychic functioning was still considered an anomaly, an oddity, or worse. To avpod ridicule and embarrassment I only read for strangers who sought me out, and never mentioned my studies and skills to friends.

A turning point came after a dear friend who had died from cancer and who had known nothing of my psychic life appeared to me after her death, asking me to deliver specific messages to her family. It was made clear to me through their words and reactions that I should no longer ignore or repress the psychic information that was coming to me. I began my practice of psychic Reading as a full time occupation in January 2000. In addition to doing Readings, I have committed myself to helping others develop their psychic and intuitive skills by offering classes and workshops on a variety of related subjects.

My Philosophy and View of Life

My personal life philosophy informs and supports my psychic skills and my ability to assist others in their search for personal understanding and growth. I believe our purpose in living is to improve. We improve by living through and learning from our experiences. All of the situations, relationships and environments we find ourselves in direct us toward that higher purpose.

My work is based on an ability to see these purposes objectively for others and to help them connect the dots between events and relationships in their lives. Such clarity allows us to move forward spiritually, releasing misunderstood feelings of guilt and obligation and freeing us to pursue new goals, new ideas, new directions in life.

Reincarnation, or the basic concept of multiple lives has always been an unquestionable belief for me. We keep coming back. Or, more specifically, our souls spin off new incarnations and personalities for the benefit of having new and different experiences to ponder and so, from which to learn.

During readings, people are sometimes embarrassed or humiliated by the lessons they have to learn. Why? Because we have been trained to judge our accomplishments by comparing ourselves to others. Do not judge your progress in life based on the abilities or progress of the people around you. Likewise judging other people negatively against your positive progress is a trap. This is your life journey. Your virtues and shortcomings are your tools to use to learn from in this lifetime.
While these statements reflect my personal beliefs, they are not intended to in any way diminish any other persons’ beliefs or spiritual understanding. To the contrary, the more I learn, the more I realize how similar many faith traditions are in their teaching and purpose. Like everyone, I am learning everyday of my life.



My Personal philosophy and beliefs are informed by years of study of a wide range of faith and belief traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and many historical sects and offshoots main religions and movements.


Along with study of faith traditions, my interest and understanding of the physical sciences, especially physics, quantum physics and Consciousness studies, has deeply influenced my study of psychic phenomena. My belief in the organic nature of psychic functioning is what leads to me to teach others, because I believe that we all have these abilities within us, but that they lay dormant or undeveloped in most people.