Visualizing and Manifestation Group Workshop

For those who have taken an introductory or advanced course in
Visualizing and Manifestation

A group workshop with the express purpose of combining energies to bring about the manifestation of each of the members’ desires or goals.

The workshops will be one hour each, on five successive Sundays.

The process is very straightforward:

Each member of the group will take a turn as the focus participant.

They will read their desire declaration to the group.

Through questions and suggestions the other members will help the participant to hone their declaration, and confirm that all members understand the goal and purpose and thus can align their energy and thoughts to the participants goal.

The participant will always have the final word on the chosen wording as to what its interpretation means to them.

The group will then spend a few minutes silently visualizing the declared definition of the desire.

Each group is limited to five participants in order to facilitate everyone having turn.

At their discretion the group or individual members may choose to engage in individual repetition and reinforcement of the declarations individually, mid-week. They may decide to experiment performing the repetitions on specific days, and specific times to increase the effectiveness.

The workshops via Zoom every Sunday for five weeks, starting March 17, 2024 and running for five weeks through April 14, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

The cost for the full five weeks is $250.

Robert Hayes, Psychic and Medium explains how his Visualizing and Manifestation course is so effective.

You can reach me at
(415) 651-4018