Awakening Your Psychic Awareness: An Introductory Course to Psychic Functioning

Psychic functioning is not a gift, a phenomenon or a fluke. It is as much a part of being human as thinking and feeling. It is a learned mental skill like any other. With instruction and direction you can learn how to use the powers of your mind to accomplish acts of mental telepathy, manifestation and soul rapport for the betterment of your own life and the lives of others.

These classes start with basics and work through sophisticated processes. It is suitable for both the beginner and intermediate student who has had some exposure to psychic studies. Participants are walked through the step-by-step exercises with each step being fully explained in detail. Detailed class notes that include all the exercises are provided.

The subjects covered include:


  • Breathing and alternative forms of meditation
  • Presenting problems to our minds
  • Bringing information, answers and solutions back to our conscious state

Manifesting and Visualization

  • Thoughts in preparation for manifesting
  • Who and what can be manifested
  • Manifesting situations, opportunities and environments

The Holistic Nature of Energy and Harnessing Psychic Energies

  • Psychic energies and your physical health
  • Building your supply of psychic energy
  • Sources and storage in your physical world


  • Astral Planes and Inspiration
  • Clairvoyance, Claraudience, Psychometry
  • Mental Telepathy, Soul Rapport
  • Recognizing Affirmations
  • Spiritual Diplomacy

This course is eight hours over one or two days, depending upon location and class size.

Classes are held in San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin and Lake counties in northern CA and other locations by arrangement. In addition to learning and healing centers, interested individuals have hosted small group classes in their homes. Please contact me if you and a group of your friends would like to have a class in your area.