After Your Reading

I will record the Reading for you. The recording file will be made available for you to download using the secure sign-in service in the upper right hand corner. If you are not able to download the file I can send it to you in the mail on a CD-ROM for a $10 fee.

Keep your recording in a safe place. You'll want to refer to it in the future. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. We remember differently than we hear. Some people remember a phrase, some an inflection, some a meaning, others remember just a few words out of context.

That's why I go to the extra effort to record your Reading and provide it to you. It's that important.

Clients call regularly to tell me about the interesting things they discovered when they listened to the recording again weeks or months after the Reading took place. They find events that were foretold that did not catch their attention or stay in their minds because they were more concerned about other questions.