I will not ask you any questions or want to know anything about you before a Reading.

Rather, it is you who will be asking the questions of me. The specific questions you ask me will provide the structure for the Reading.

Write down questions you want to ask about your life and experiences. Some people call with three or four questions, some people have fifteen or twenty. I don’t bill by the question, so please don’t feel that there is an arbitrary minimum or maximum number of questions. Your questions may be related to Relationships, Career, Finance, or any topic that is important to you. Take time and put some thought into your questions. It is important that they be as specific as possible. 

The more specific your question, the more detailed the resulting answers will be.

There’s nothing magical about writing them. What is important is that you think about them and put them on paper. People have a remarkable facility to get ‘lost in the moment’ during a Reading and completely forget what they wanted to ask, or ask the same questions three times. If you write your questions down in advance you can avoid this and we won’t waste your precious time.

Do not be embarrassed to ask me anything. I have heard it all. I am shock proof! What I haven’t heard, I have seen in Readings. So please, do not feel that you need to filter or censor your questions. I would much rather you ask what you wish to know than go away from a Reading feeling that you did not get satisfaction from the experience. Furthermore, Readings are confidential. You will be the only person who receives your recording. In addition, I don’t tend to remember the details of a Reading for more than about twenty minutes after it is over. And for that, I am very thankful! 1