Personal Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings for Individuals are available in 60 minutes sessions (30 minutes Readings are available to clients who have previously had a 60 minute session). Readings are scheduled by advance appointment only, and take place over the telephone unless otherwise arranged.  Readings include an audio recording available as a digital file for you to download.

Communicating by phone does not affect the quality of the Reading or the information that comes through. I make a connection with you by listening to the sound frequencies in your voice. I read for non-English speakers when there is a translator available, and I've read from coughs, laughter, and sneezes!

Often during a Reading loved ones from the other side will come in to deliver messages to the person receiving the Reading. Some people call asking me to function specifically as a medium in order to contact those who have passed on. If you would like me to work for you primarily as a medium please let me know at the time you schedule your Reading.

In-person Readings for Individuals and Couples

In-person Readings are available when circumstances allow and take place in Sonoma County, California, by advance appointment. In-person readings are for individuals or couples, although at your discretion you may have up to two additional people with you to observe at the time of your reading. Please contact me to discuss an appointment for an in-person Reading.