In response to the economic conditions that have resulted from the Coronvirus pandemic, my fees will remain at a reduced rate to keep my services available for those are experiencing financial difficulties. Remember: This too shall pass.

A One Hour Psychic Reading is $125

A half-hour Psychic Reading is $65

You can schedule and pay for a Reading by clicking the Pay For A Reading page link on the banner above, or by clicking the link below the picture of the handsome psychic to the right.

Stay safe. Stay home if you can. Protect yourself and those you love. Try not to scream too often (now and then is understandable).

This too shall pass.

Robert Hayes is a psychic and medium with over 40 years of experience working one-on-one, in private groups and in front of audiences. His friendly, matter-of-fact approach to psychic revelation makes his psychic Readings easy to understand, enlightening and useful. His unique skills and experience allow him to provide clear and focused delivery of received information along with meaningful answers to your personal questions.

Known as the Pragmatic Psychic, Robert believes that the insights revealed through a psychic Reading should be practical as well as illuminating. The quality of the information that comes through should have purpose and meaning for your life and be supportive of inner growth and contentment.