Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about psychic phenomena.

What is a Psychic?

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psyckhikos meaning soul, or life.

A psychic is someone who is consciously aware of their sensitivity to the non-physical, extra-sensory energies that make up and permeate the universe. Sometimes psychic functioning is referred to as a ‘sixth sense’. And that is just what it is.

Or maybe sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth senses:

Psychic functioning can come in many varieties.

  • Some people ‘see’ information,. as still images or motion pictures.
    That is called clairvoyance.
  • Some people ‘hear’ information, just as you would with your ears. It
    may be sounds, conversations, or direct speech. That is called
  • Some people ‘feel’ information by touching physical objects. That is
    called psychometry.
  • Some people ‘know’ information when a question is asked. They are
    called seers.
  • Some people even pick up information through a psychic olfactory
    sense, ‘smelling’ odors and aromas that aren’t there for the rest of us!
    That is called clairalience.

Do Psychics have special gifts?

Accomplished psychics spend years developing their awareness and sensitivity, their perception, however:

Psychic functioning is a normal part of every person’s life. It is not
a gift, a phenomenon or a fluke.

It is a learned mental skill like any other. With direction and practice anyone can learn to develop their psychic skills to the best of their unique ability.

I teach classes for people who are interested in developing their own psychic abilities. These classes start with the basics and progress through sophisticated processes of telepathy, manifestation and soul rapport.

What is a Medium?

A medium is someone with whom the spirits find it easy to communicate.
Usually the spirits of deceased loved ones. Frequently our loved ones who have passed are around us. Sometimes they try to get a message across to us. Sometimes the message is important — that they love us — other times they just want us to know that they still think we’re buffoons with control issues.

A Medium is a person who can hear, or see, or feel spirits of people or animals that are on the other side of the veil or transition we call physical death.

The word ‘medium’ is used in a very mechanical way, in much the same way that television and radio are each considered a medium.

A radio or television carries messages on higher frequencies that we can not see or hear, and converts them to a form we can see or hear. A Psychic Medium receives information from one vibrational plane or frequency to another.

Why should I get a Psychic Reading?

A Psychic Reading can help you learn more about yourself and the events happening in your daily life.

A Psychic Reading can help you understand what causes the situations you
experience, connecting the dots between the cause and effect of events in your lifetime.

A Psychic Reading can help you feel more safe and secure knowing you’re where
you’re supposed to be, even in the midst of upset in your life.

In a Psychic Reading you can hear from loved ones on the other side and learn that they still love you and are a part of your life.

Do I have to do anything during a Psychic Reading?

You don’t have to do or say anything special. Just be relaxed and open to receiving new information. I’ll be listening to the sound of your voice, more than the words you say. I read for non-English speakers when there is a translator available, and I’ve read from coughs, laughter, and sneezes!

I encourage you to take notes during the Psychic Reading. Questions will occur to you as you listen to the information, and by writing them down we can come back to them at the end of the Reading.

Do I have to be anywhere special when I call for a Psychic Reading?

Because Psychic Readings are based on a connection I make hearing your voice, the quality of the phone connection is important. For best accuracy and recognition during the first part of the Reading when I am making this connection, I need to hear the high- and low-end frequencies of your voice.

If you’re calling on a cell phone:

Plan to speak directly into the handset at least for the first few minutes while I’m listening to your voice. After that you can usually switch to a headset. Speakerphones degrade the sound so much it makes it difficult or impossible to read someone’s voice.

Check for signal strength: Go to the location you plan to be at for the Psychic Reading and check the signal strength in advance of your appointment. If you signal is weak, turn off the phone or put it on airplane mode for a full minute then check the signal strength again. For technical reasons, this will cause the cell system to connect you to the nearest, strongest cell tower instead of one that’s just good enough to maintain contact.

Calling from inside a closed car can also degrade the call quality. Sometimes just stepping outside can clear things up completely.

If you’re not sure about the quality of the call, just head to the location you plan to be at in advance of the appointment and give me a call to test it. I’m happy to help you.

The best sound is still through a hard wired land line at home or in an office if you have one available.

What if I’m sick and don’t sound normal?

A cold or sore throat won’t change the outcome of the Psychic Reading. Laryngitis may prove a problem. If it does, we can just reschedule.

Caveats: Can I ask Medical and Legal Questions?

I am not a medical doctor, thus I do not diagnose, nor prescribe. I believe in health and wellness and will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability, but will be doing so strictly based on what I see psychically, and I should not be considered an alternative to medical care.

Likewise, I am not a lawyer and should not be used as an alternative to legal counsel.

What if you don’t see anything?

It’s rare, but in the event no answer comes through to a question you have asked, I will be very careful to say “I have no answer to that question. There is no information coming through.” This way a conversational ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from me will not be misinterpreted out of context as an affirmative or negative answer to your question.

I do not claim to know all and see all. A Psychic Reading can cover anywhere from several days, to several months to the rest of your life. I have no control over that. I have learned that when a person is particularly stressed the time period covered by a Psychic Reading compresses to a shorter period, usually surrounding the immediate situation.

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