The next Visualizing and Manifestation Course will be coming up soon!

Two hours each, three Sundays in a row.  All six hours, $350.

The classes are held on Zoom, and recorded so those who can’t attend the scheduled dates and times can view the classes at their convenience.

People who attend the classes live will also have access to the
recordings to see the classes again.

A modern psychological and scientific approach to learning Visualizing and Manifestation using terminology that makes sense to the contemporary mind.

Learn about your relationship with your creative potential and how to use your natural abilities to create the life you want.

Each session includes exercises to help you develop and progress in your Manifesting skills in the coming week.

Topics covered will include:

The Components of Successful Visualizing and Manifestation

  • Self Redefinition
  • Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind
  • Belief, Faith, and Developing Your Confidence
  • Imagination
  • Focus and Attention
  • Feelings and Emotions (they’re not the same things)
  • Expectations
  • The role Gratitude plays
  • What and Who you can manifest and How: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Situations, Opportunities

The Process

  • How to recognize and identify your Desires (the difference between Desires, Wants, and Needs)
  • Methods of Manifesting: Visualizing, Recitation, External Imagery, Scripting and Mental Programming
  • Semantics: Learn how to neutralize your language. Learn to avoid unexpected results.
  • Disconnecting: Taking the time, Making the time. The importance of putting yourself first, at least sometimes.
  • The Science of Manifesting. Time, Space, Simultaneity

The Psychology of Modern Manifesting

  • Cultural Myth and Memetics
  • Manifesting in the Modern World
  • Semantics
  • Guilt! (Oh no! Not that!)
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Learn how to avoid the most Common Pitfalls
  • Learn how to program your mind for your success instead of letting other people use you for their profit and benefit


The Additive Power of Group Visualization

and More


Robert Hayes, Psychic and Medium explains how his Visualizing and Manifestation course is so effective.

You can reach me at

(415) 651-4018