Reviews and Testimonials

My special thanks to those of you who have given me such wonderful feedback and validation. It’s only through your comments, reviews and testimonials that I know that my skills are working for you.

My many thanks also to those of you who have referred friends and family members to me for Psychic Readings through the years. It is your thoughtfulness that makes it possible for me to do this work.

I’d like to share some special reviews and testimonials with you:

I feel so relieved and energized after talking with you, like a fog of confusion and doubt has lifted.

You truly are the pragmatic psychic! The thing that I loved the most about our reading was how calm, organized and attentive you are.

Other psychics I’ve gone to will be very scattered or go off on tangents and I will be thinking, “Why am I paying money for this?” You answered every question fully and took the time to make sure I understood what you were saying. I definitely got my money’s worth and will be referring friends. And I get a CD of my reading!

I can’t begin to tell you how valuable your readings have been for me. I listen to them frequently and learn new things each time. To be “seen” is very empowering. Your vision and kindness and humor are very much appreciated.

I didn’t realize how much of your time I took yesterday until we were off the phone. That was amazingly nice of you and I appreciate that generosity.

Your insights and kind touch were most appreciated. I spent the remainder of yesterday evening just absorbing the things we discussed. As more and more information sunk in, I became more and more excited about my life and all the wondrous opportunities that await discovery. Amazing.

Thanks again Robert. What you said really reinforced my gut feeling about a lot of things.

Everything is working out just great. I haven’t felt this light in years. I only wish I would’ve listened to you the first time! Thanks!

I have already downloaded all the files and will revisit them this week. At this time I am still absorbing what I was able to catch yesterday. I feel a wave of fresh air in my life and look forward to new beginnings.

I wish once again to acknowledge the spiritual ascent that I have been experiencing. You have made me aware of things that have been dormant in me for quite some time.

Robert, thank you for a most inspiring conversation. You have such a beautiful gift and I thank you for sharing of yourself so generously.

Robert, I always enjoy getting readings done by you. You’re always 100% on the money!

You just, just amaze me. You really do. You blow me away with how accurate you are. I told my sister: Oh, My God, this guy is so incredible. You have to have a reading done with him!

You are the one responsible for launching my “spiritual career.” Judaism teaches that the Lord chooses virtuous people to bring merit to the worthy. It is obvious that you are the Lord’s messenger and you will have a share in my spiritual accomplishments. May God grant you much happiness and success in your life.

When we spoke, everything you said resonated with my truest feelings except for one detail. In the two hours since we’ve talked, that one detail has become clear to me, and I see what you were referring to — I’m surprised and amazed that you were able to see that detail more clearly than I ever have, but now it makes perfect sense to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robert is an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance during a challenging period where I was at a crossroad in my career. I was lacking career satisfaction and was pushing myself so hard for so long that clear signs of burnout were apparent. I worked with Robert over the course of several years as I was assessing career options and life challenges. He has helped clarify my thoughts, as well as increase my confidence.

Robert is patient, understanding and has a great sense of humor. I left every conversation feeling empowered and energized, knowing that I have the tools to make good decisions about my life journey. He helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. Robert’s coaching has allowed me to organize my focus and I am now pursuing a new role, to leverage my interest, experience and growth potential. I would highly recommend Robert for those seeking guidance and clarity.

He truly cares about his clients, so that his readings often feel like a conversation with a dear friend. (Only this “dear friend” has a library card to the Akasha!)

What has captivated me about Robert over the years is his accuracy about things he could never possibly know. I often find myself living my life and suddenly something will happen that will exactly echo his words. How did he know that? I will ask myself in amazement.

For example, (without giving too much personal information away) I had a situation at work that was very puzzling. People I trusted were acting strange. I called Robert to get insight into what was happening. He explained one co-worker’s bizarre actions by revealing things about their life that I only learned were true six months later. Robert helped me to trust this person when they needed it, so that we kept a good relationship going, in spite of their behavior. So, not only does he care about his clients, but he cares about the other people involved in your reading, too. He respects you enough to tell you the (sometimes painful) truth. Don’t take it personally, he’ll caution. That’s their business, not yours, he’ll say.

When I asked about the location of a person who abused me when I was a child, Robert gave way more information that I expected. He offered insight into the abuser’s current living situation, whether they were still abusing children, and how I might effectively find them. He gave me the neighborhood, building description, and how to find their address. Robert handled this sensitive topic with respect and kindness. He clearly has experience with helping clients address emotionally charged issues.

When asked once how he was able to do something that many others cannot, he explained that some folks are “born bakers,” meaning that the talents one is born with connect to what your soul’s work was in your previous lives. Some folks are talented musicians, carpenters, or cooks, while others are talented psychics. It’s this humble approach to his work that makes him so much fun to talk to.
How is he pragmatic? He cares about his clients’ evolution, so helps guide them to see the big picture. He has recommended books, workshops, memory exercises, and more. He checks his clients’ neurotic anxiety with kindness and humor. And, for someone who knows a whole heck of a lot more than the rest of us about what is going on, he’s remarkably down to earth.

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