Here’s What Happens During Your Psychic Reading

How a Psychic Reading Starts

 I will ask you to look out a window, or open a magazine to a photograph and pick out one thing you really like or dislike, and then describe it to me in detail. Just continuous stream of consciousness speaking. during your psychic reading

Do not be nervous about what to say. I won’t be listening to your words, I’ll be focusing on the sound of your voice and the information in that vibration. To that point: if you are not a native English speaker, I may even ask you to speak in your native language, even if I do not understand it.

When a person speaks in their native language, they speak richly, with inflection and cadence, and hidden in those words is where I make connection.

Often people call for a Psychic Reading when they’re going through a stressful time, or experiencing anxieties. That anxiety and its cause are usually apparent to me once I’ve listened to your voice for a few minutes. I may address that as an opening statement, describing the situation, and answer any questions you may about it. Otherwise, we’ll go directly to the main body of your questions.

How a Psychic Reading Proceeds

Psychic Readings tend to segment themselves naturally, driven by the questions you ask. That is why I ask you to group your questions together according to topic: Career, Finance, Romance, Education, etc.

This helps the Psychic Reading to flow, and makes it more cohesive. It also helps me feel less like my attention is being fractured; pulled away from one image and pointed to another, then back again.

At the end of each section I will ask you if you understand everything we’ve covered, and if you have any additional questions about what we’ve covered so far. At the end of the Psychic Reading I will ask you again if you have any additional questions. I will speak with you until all of the information has come through, and we will answer all of your questions to the extent our time allows.

It’s rare, but in the event no answer comes through for a question you have asked, I will be very careful to say “I have no answer to that question. There is no information coming through.” This way a conversational ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from me will not be misinterpreted out of context as an affirmative or negative answer to your question.

I do not claim to know all and see all. A reading can cover anywhere from three months to thirty-five years to the rest of your life. I have no control over that. I have learned that when a person is particularly stressed the time period covered by a Psychic Reading compresses to a shorter period, usually surrounding the immediate situation.

How you can get the most from your Psychic Reading.

I encourage you to take notes during the Reading so keep a pad of paper with you.

Questions will occur to you during the Reading and you can write them down without breaking the flow of the session. By writing them down we can be sure to come back to them at the end of the section or at the end of the Psychic Reading. Also, if a specific point or lesson for you jumps out at me, I will ask you to write it down and circle it to make sure you give it proper attention.

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