Gratitude has become a big business in recent years. Podcasts,
seminars, swag like coffee mugs and posters and key fobs declaring and
reminding us to be grateful.

But what is Gratitude, really?

How is it part of the Visualization and Manifestation process?

This is the second in a short series of emails outlining basic
components of Visualizing your goals, and the methods that will be
taught in detail in my upcoming course Visualizing and Manifestation.

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When most people think of Gratitude they think of the act of being
grateful: Saying thank you, sending a note, sending flowers or a small
gift; playing out their half of a two-party transaction.

One person gives, the other receives. The receiver displays some
action demonstrating their recognition and appreciation for the
benefit the giver conveyed to them.

Philosophers debate but generally concur that the giver retains or can
reasonably expect to call upon the receiver in the future for
demonstration of recognition possibly unrelated to the original
transaction: a special favor, some assistance, at the very least
looking upon and thinking of the giver favorably.

Philosophers have also debated for millennia the true nature of
Gratitude. Is is a virtue, an emotion, a moral obligation?

All of these transactional and constitutional definitions are based on
the basic assumption that gratitude is something that takes place
between people. Human-to-human interactions.

For the sake of brevity and broad understanding I’ll be using the name
God here, but you can think of this entity as your Higher Power, The
Creative Force, The Holy Spirit, The Collective Consciousness or
your Subconscious Mind, whatever you are comfortable using. It’ll know
what you mean.

The transactional approach fails to guide us when we turn our thoughts
to expressing Gratitude to God because

1) God isn’t human, and

2) You haven’t got anything God wants. In fact everything you’ve got
God made in the first place anyway, so why would God want yours?

Interesting thoughts open up when we begin to consider how we would
acknowledge a gift from an Omnipotent (All Powerful), Omniscient (All
Knowing) Being who knows the truth of your innermost thoughts,
feelings and emotions.

Add to that this little eye-opener: God the Creative Force is always
aware of you. You may stop thinking about God but God never, not for
one instant stops thinking about you.

Now that may scare some of you. Like the discovery of surveillance
cameras in your hotel room. A sensation of exposure.

But it’s actually a terrific advantage once you understand the basic
characteristics of God this Creative Force that made the universe,
everything in it including you and me:

God, The Creative Force, The Holy Spirit, the Higher Mind is:

Omnipotent (All Powerful). It created the universe after all.

Omniscient (All Knowing). It knows what it created because it thought
it up in the first place, and is aware of it all, all the time.

Neutral. Yeah, this one twists people’s heads a little bit, especially
Westerners. God doesn’t judge you (Ultimately, you judge yourself.
More on that another time). So God will give you anything you ask for.
Anything. Any way you ask for it. Remember ‘Be careful what you ask
for, you may get it.’? This is where that comes from. We spend a LOT of
time in my Visualizing and Manifestation Course going over this part
of the process so you can get what you want with no negative side
effects for anyone.

Loves You. Because It made you, after all. Just like it made
everything else.

How can you go wrong with all that? By not recognizing and using your
innate connection. By not living your life to the fullest of its
potential. By not consciously identifying and actively asking for what
your heart desires. And by not acknowledging when your wishes have
been granted, to keep the conscious communications flowing.

Where Gratitude comes into play in Visualizing and Manifestation is
the understanding that our gratitude determines the frequency, the
color or nature of our communications with God, with our Higher
Creative Force.

When you approach your communication with the awareness of being
Grateful, with the recognition that everything you’ve ever had, and
anything you ever will have will be provided by that Creative Power,
and It will provide you with anything you ask for, and it always has,
you suddenly begin to relax. It opens your mind wider to a different
definition of yourself.

Gratitude sets the tone. It’s the return path of communications after
Expectancy. More on that in another email, and lots about it in the

When your communications with God cease to be begging, entreaties for
favor, or special gifts, or treatment, but just what God has always
wanted to give all along: Whatever you desire, your life changes for
the better almost unrecognizably

Life can be simple and easy or it can be complex and trying and
difficult. Usually when it’s complex and difficult it’s because we
have projected too many constructs of the human mind upon life.
Usually about transactions. They’re a fiction we all agree to agree
to. But they aren’t a true component of life. We overwhelm our
experience of life with our Cultural Myth. We’ll dissect that in
detail too in the Course.

The line to the Creative Force, the Higher Mind, the Collective
Consciousness is open. Full time. Always has been. Always will be. And
it’s yours. Learn how to use it.

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Be well. Be happy. It’s your birthright.